ALL NATURAL and EFFECTIVE Bartholin Cyst Remedy


This blog post includes adult images of a Bartholin cyst (cyst located on the vagina) and female genitalia anatomy.



Bartholin Cysts are extremely painful and are known to come back repeatedly for years even after being drained by a physician. What the doctors aren’t telling you is that there is an herbal remedy that can take care of your cysts without having painful needles inserted into your vaginal area. There is an herbal poultice you can make for fairly cheap that will open the Bartholin gland naturally and help remove the liquids inside of it. (I’ve been treating my cysts with this mixture and haven’t had mine return for many years now. Everyone’s bodies are unique; I sincerely hope it helps you like it did for me.)

goldenseal 1

First, you want to know for sure that what you have is a Bartholin cyst. Bartholin’s cyst is the name for the fluid-filled lump that can appear and close off the ducts of the Bartholin glands. The Bartholin glands are located on each side of the vaginal opening and are responsible for secreting lubricating fluid into the vagina.

This Bartholin cyst can cause a few different symptoms including pain in the site of the cyst, fatigue, anxiety, depressed moon, insomnia and inability to get comfortable due to its location. The most common treatments for the symptoms include pain killers, injecting the cyst with a needle and draining it (which can be EXTREMELY and excruciatingly painful) as well as sitz baths and even depression medication in very few cases.

bartholin gland cyst
Example of where and what a Bartholin Gland Cyst looks like


Poultices have been used for centuries to aide in the healing of wounds and illnesses. We have pulled away from them due to the encouragement of pharmaceutical companies. They make much more money doing painful procedures and selling you prescription chemical medication, that don’t always work, than they do selling herbs.

If you suffer from Bartholin gland cysts and need a remedy I sincerely encourage treating it with a goldenseal poultice.

You can purchase goldenseal here at Amazon for $17.38 or you can find it at your local health store, GNC, Sprouts, Whole Foods and etcetera. I personally use the Nature’s Way Goldenseal Root, 570 mg, 100 Capsules.

You can also use the Nature’s Answer Alcohol-Free Goldenseal Root, 1-Fluid Ounce for $28.37 which is already in liquid form and really simplifies the process. The only reason I don’t use the liquid is it will expire before I am able to use all of it. The capsules up above have a longer shelf life which means it’s less likely any of it will get wasted, and I will get my moneys worth. But if that doesn’t matter to you the extract really makes treating your cyst quite a bit easier.

If having an organic product is important to you, there is also the Herb Pharm Certified Organic Goldenseal Extract for Respiratory System Support – 1 Ounce for $17.38. I know it says for respiratory system but it can be used as a poultice to treat your Bartholin cyst as well.

So now that you have your main product, you will also need access to a sink, a small bowl to mix your poultice in, some gauze and some clean fresh underwear (which will help hold the gauze in place).

Also, I suggest doing this during nighttime and sleeping with the poultice on. If the poultice works properly, it will open the cyst up and drain it of its gunk; not an experience you want to go through when you are at work or walking around the mall and what not. Also, walking at all with a giant piece of gauze stuck between your vaginal lips really isn’t comfortable. If you want to prevent making a mess on your sheets and mattress I suggest laying down a towel or wearing a menstrual pad to catch the liquids from your cyst.

(This was NOT painful for me. I can’t say for sure if it will be painful for you or not, because everyone’s body is very unique, but I personally did not experience any pain. It happened entirely in my sleep and I don’t remember it opening up.)


If you purchased the powder capsules go ahead and open up 3 to 4 capsules into your small bowl. Mix it with two to three droplets of water (for added strength you can use Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar [16 Ounce] instead of water if you have it on hand) You might have to add extra water to soak all of the powder and make it wet. If its wet it will be easier to absorb the medicine into the skin and gland causing it to open up naturally and release its toxins.

If you purchased the extract you don’t have to mix anything. Go ahead and open your bottle up.


Clean your vaginal area and the cyst as best as you can with some soap and water. Dry it off well before continuing to the next step.



Prepare a small square of gauze the size of your cyst and soak it in the water/powder mixture you created in your small bowl.

If you have the extract go ahead and put some droplets of the extract onto the gauze. I’d say maybe somewhere between 3 and 5 drops of extract. (Cover the gauze with extract so it will cover your cyst but don’t put so much extract that its dripping off of the gauze either.)


Place the gauze onto your cyst in between your vaginal lips. Try to place it in the spot that seems most tender (that is most likely where your Bartholin Gland is and we need that gland to open naturally and relieve itself of its toxins).


Put your under wear on then put your extracts & powders away. The extract and powder WILL temporarily dye surfaces so be sure to clean it up well so you don’t have some unsightly yellow stain on your countertop for a week.


Go to sleep. Lay in a comfortable position that is most relaxing to you. Keep that gauze in place in between your legs. When you wake in the morning the cyst should have opened itself up and drained. You might need to repeat the process a few times but its far less painful than having a gynecologist sit in between your legs and poke with your vagina with painful needles.


Use the medicines the world has provided… the universe always provides.

Please feel free to comment below if this worked for you, or if it didn’t. Do you have a different process for dealing with Bartholin cysts?
Have you tried this poultice on cysts other than the Bartholin gland?

Love and Light to you all. Take care!


goldenseal bartholin cyst banner


65 Replies to “ALL NATURAL and EFFECTIVE Bartholin Cyst Remedy”

  1. I get these all the time and have had them surgically drained. It’s the most painful thing I have ever gone through. Thank you for this post. I’ll be trying this method next time I have to deal with one.


  2. I suffer from bartholin cysts a lot, so I am always looking for at home remedies because I refuse to go back to a gyno. No way. thank you so much for sharing!!! I will be purchasing my capsules and gauzes so I can be prepared. Thanks again.

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      1. Hi.. I ve read ur post but just wanted to clear one thing after applying the mixture cyst will not swallowen up the more coz I am suffering from bartholin cyst not from bartholin abscess.. Pls guide.. Thanks

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        1. Hello Saloni! Thank you so much for the question. Since goldenseal is an all natural antibiotic and enhances immune function by increasing antigen-specific antibody production it shouldn’t increase the swelling at all. If you’re concerned about an allergy I suggest inquiring with your Gynecologist if it’s an option for you. But goldenseals effect on the body should reduce inflammation and open your natural pores in the skin to relieve it of its toxic contents so you can avoid having a doctor open it up with a scalpel or needle.


  3. I did this and is it normal for that area to be burn when I put gauze with oil on it? Next morning, I got an open area that kinda look like hole. Not one but two different size of holes in the same area. Did this happened to you?

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    1. Hello Amanda! I did experience a little bit of stinging but it went away fairly quickly. I ended up with only one opening to my cyst, but I have heard of there being two. Those holes you are seeing are most likely from the glands opening to allow the stuff inside to come out.

      I hope that this procedure helped you. Love and light to you and yours.


  4. I had the torture of getting a cyst drained this past June. I prayed for a better way!! OMG!!! I tried this yesterday (December 1,2017). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
    At first I didn’t think it worked because I work nights and I only put the gauze on a short time (4 hour) during my day sleep.
    When I woke up the cyst was still swollen. While I was working it starts to drain. I wasn’t in any pain like the first time, I will be doing this again today.

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  5. I will be trying this tomorrow, thank you for sharing!! This is my second cyst and I don’t want to get it drained again. Can I ask did the gauze stick to the cyst or just come away in the morning? Just asking as I’ve had an experience with gauze on a finger and it was stuck and very painful. So just wanted to check? Could I use cotton wool or does it have to be gauze? Thanks again so appreciated.

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    1. Hello Hyssoap! There is a chance the guaze might stick to the skin a little bit, but cotton balls would be fine to use as well! The most important thing is to keep the goldenseal near the surface of the skin so it can properly get into the cyst and drain it naturally. Good luck to you! I hope you find some relief! Love & Light


  6. reading all the comments but I still need so reassurance that I will work. I can just imagine the pain when they stick u with the needle I’m ready to try anything. please tell me this is real and can I find it at Walgreens?

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    1. Hi Amanda! It’s real, but if you need additional reassurance feel free to consult a Homeopathic Physician for feedback. Golden seal root has been a life saver for me. You should be able to find the capsules at walgreens in the herbal supplement section. It will be harder to find goldenseal extract; for that I might suggest a naturalist food store like Sprouts or Whole Foods; however in my experience those stores charge more than most online outlets like Amazon.


  7. I use goldenseal root in a poulstice for tooth infections OUCH!! It helps a lot. Tastes yucky but worth it. Found it at Central Market. Would use it for your blog reason too if I had that. Saves time, trouble, money, trips to doctors, waiting for an appt., pharmacies, etc. I sit at home, comfy all bundled up by woodstove w my dog and rest for a while, let goldenseal root do the job. And our body pain can spark at anytime, not just 9-5 M-F ! So why not try it! Thankyou Golden seal root!

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  8. I got my first batholin cysts 3 weeks before my wedding In August 2016, I had it drained, (I thought )want home numb and still uncomfortable come to find out she had missed the glad cyst, I had to go in a second time to get it drained! After that it went away for about 1 year to the day so my anniversary lets just say it wasnt fun. Got this one drained correctly this time had a drain inserted and had it there for 6 WEEKS! Thought maybe this will be the last one. Hahaha boy was I wrong, 4 months later my third popped up that brings us to about end of January this one topped the cake, I had it drained and silver nitrate placed in the area they drained the cysts from and left it there for two days!! I had a literal chemical burn going on in my parts! So after that the Dr. ,Yanked it out i almost passes out it hurt so bad. Dr. Telling me that this procedure is as good as marsupilization, I call bull shit cause 2 weeks later I have another one! So that brings vs us up to today where I tried this natural remedy and this morning I woke up and it’s a bit smaller but still so very sensitive!! I’m also supplementing with sits baths. Please if anyone knows any other ways to get rid of these things I will forever be so so greatful, just to have multiple ways to get rid of these things besides going in and getting cut open!

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    1. Orleana I am so so sorry you went through all of that. These cysts have tortured me for years as well. The only other suggestion I have is to try and mix Briggs Organic Apple Cider with the goldenseal mixture and repeat before bed every night until its completely gone. I truly hope you find some relief! I understand your pain and I don’t wish this torture on anyone. Please let us know if things improve. ((Prayers for swift healing)) Love & Light to you and yours.


  9. Thank you for sharing! I suffer from these all the time. I have gone so many times to get it drained that i just couldnt take the pain anymore of them sticking those needles. They are always painful(mine would go as big as a potato ouch! I could not stand sit drive nothing!!!!) but the one i currently have; i’ve had it for months and has been uncomfortable but not paintful so decided to just stay this way because i dnt want to go back. I ordered my capsules and should arrive soon i just cant wait. Im glad i found a home remedy i tried so many that never worked so im hoping this one is the one! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time to leave a comment. I sincerely hope this home remedy works out for you. I’ve had a few get around the same size on me as well in the past; it’s incredibly painful. I sympathize! Love & Light to you and yours!


      1. I used the goldenseal poultice when my Bartholin cyst was causing pain and it helped me. My brother in law used goldenseal poultice on his scalp where a cyst was forming and it released all the liquids within a few minutes. Each human being is completely unique so I can’t guarantee anything. Does anyone else have any experiences they’d like to share with Cassie?


      1. Hi! Thank you so much for this recipe! I will be trying this tonite!(: I have a question about another cyst that I have though… do you think this will work on a sybacious cyst I have one of those as well.. its quite uncomfortable..


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    1. I’m so sorry to hear this! That sound excruciating. If this hasn’t helped you find any relief I definitely suggest seeking advice from a physician to see what other options are available for you. I hope things improve! Love & Light to you and yours.


  10. Thank you so much for this post. This was my first time ever having a cyst. The doctor gave me antibiotics and instructed me to try hot compresses. She said if that didn’t work she could drain it, which sounded painful. I’ve been struggling for a week with this issue and last night thought about just calling the doctor today to have it drained. Nevertheless, I found your amazing blog first. I was a skeptic, but when in pain you will try almost anything. I tried this last night and this morning it is totally gone. Pain is gone! Cyst is gone! Thank you again.

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    1. I’m so happy to hear this!!! I’ve had mine drained multiple times by the physician with a needle and they were always painful for me. I’m so glad the goldenseal was able to help you out. 🙂 Love & light to you and yours.


  11. Upon finding this remedy and reading the last few paragraphs of your post I broke into tears I don’t know if it’s from happiness finding the cure, having my first baby this June or the sleep deprivation with the pain. I love you ! Sent someone to get goldenseal extract now! At lassens! I first had this problem when I was 18, got a surgery they packed it and left it open to drain it closed up eventually and healed. Then maybe three years later again I went to e.r. Demanded it be lanced the pain imberable. Now almost 4 months post partum it’s here! Already sleep and energy deprived, its back to haunt me. Went to e.r 3 days ago, the dr. Gave me two different kinds of antibiotics( I dread) the pain is horrific. Hard to breastfeed and I’m so scared I’m transferring all the drugs to baby via milk, antibiotics and 800 mg ibuprofen. Although the dr. Said it was safe for baby the antibiotics still says not intended for pregnant or nursing. Also infant ibuprofen is 50 mg, for every 400mg put in the baby gets 1 mg through breast milk. (Not so bad, but I hate taking meds, I always end up never using the ibuprofen cause I feel the like it’s just bad for you) I had a natural home birth! No drugs! so this pain is more unbearable then that I feel! I know this will work I believe in goldenseal! Finally leading to my question, would you think it wise to keep taking the antibiotics if and when it does drain on its own? And the liquid form is alright to use full strength? Thank you!! I am so greateful!

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    1. Hello Taylor, I completely understand the tears. I went through a very similar thing! The pain from these cysts is horrendous; I don’t wish it on anyone.

      In regards to your medication I really don’t know. You should call your doctor and let them know you’re applying a goldenseal poultice to the external portion of the Bartholin cyst to allow it to drain naturally. They’ll be able to let you know if there are any potential interactions or if there should be a change in the medication. I’m sorry I don’t have more information about it.

      The liquid form is fine to use at full strength since its only being placed on the outside of the Bartholin cyst (i.e. you’re not drinking it)

      I sincerely hope you find relief! Let me know what you find out. Love & Light to you and yours.


  12. Hello again! I did the goldenseal treatment last night, I may have put it on the gland inside but not the abcess itself on the side… because I had been witch hazeling and tea tree and hot baths all day that it was coming to a white clear head I could see the blood on the other side of the skin..the pain excruciating, so I didn’t want it to rupture, after finding your treatment and how you can make it come out through the gland. The night went on and I had to take another super hot bath then with a clean hot wash cloth I pressed it and it popped! The abcess drained pus and blood! Now I’m wondering if it Is still wise to use the goldenseal treatment as the open wound is sensitive… or should I just keep a cotton ball of goldenseal on the gland part? Gosh I really don’t want this to come back with a vengeance, I’m replaying the last surgeries in my mind! Also how many times do you do the treatment to prevent it? Once a month, a week? Also do you know of anything natural to take internally to kill the bacteria inside… I heard probiotics and diatomaceous earth and silica… so far just taking probiotics… I have diatomaceous earth but think it’s too strong for baby. Thank you !!! Sincerely the girl with a million questions 💜

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  13. I have an idea for my open abcess now… I’m sitting in a very clean container of warm water with a little bit of witch hazel for antiseptic.. should I add maybe a drop of goldenseal… or two… let me know what you think! I’m trying my best to keep this clean from further infection. The site is still painful but a huge relief from before.

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    1. Hello Taylor! I am so incredibly happy that it was able to open it up and relieve some of your symptoms. I personally only use the goldenseal poultice treatment when my Bartholin cyst acts up, which is rare now a days for me since I started using goldenseal.

      In regards to using it while your cyst is an open wound I believe I found the answer at “Early American medical texts refer to the Cherokees and Iroquois using goldenseal to treat cancer, mouth ailments such as canker sores, and stomach issues.

      Goldenseal is also said to increase the effectiveness of other herbs and medicines. It’s regularly combined with echinacea, an herb associated with strengthening the immune system.

      Modern research has isolated a chemical in goldenseal called berberine that might be the source of its acclaimed benefits. Berberine is an antidiabetic agent. Goldenseal is also antibacterial, antifungal, & anti-infective.

      When treating an open wound, use enough to cover the wound at least once a day, and wash the area daily to make sure nothing is trapped in the healing skin.”

      I sincerely hope this information helps. Let me know if I can help in any other way. I’m so so happy you’ve found some relief!!! 🙂 Love & Light to you and yours.


  14. I had an abscess 2 weeks ago that was drained at an urgent care (Ive had about 8-9 drained in the past), about 5 days later I noticed I still had a lump about the size of a large marble, completely painless, Im able to walk and sit without feeling it. Ive been taking Silica ever since and the cyst is not about the size of a marble. I do not feel it when I wipe or walk or sit, I havent tried having sex yet because Im too scared. Will this remedy work for me to get rid of the cyst? I was planning on leaving it alone since its not causing me pain but I certainly dont want it to abscess and grow 😦

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    1. Hello Jazmine, I understand what you’re talking about. After I had mine drained multiple times there was still a lump there… when I did the goldenseal poultice it took care of it with very little pain. There is a chance you’ll have to do the poultice a couple times before it completely cleans the Bartholin gland out. Good luck! Let me know how it works out! Love & Light, Denise


  15. Thanks for this info. I have had several marsupialisations of my B glands and now looking at whole gland extraction surgically. If this could prevent that – YAY! Just trying to get a sense of the actual therapeutic dose of golden seal. You talk about capsules and drops etc..Not sure what I can get here in Australia but some idea of therapeutic dose would be a great help. Thanks!

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  16. Eating clean, rest and lowering stress worked for me!!
    I had a cyst about the size of a golf ball last month. This was my second. The first one I got infected and I went to a gyno and he said it was so bad that he couldn’t drain in the office. He sent me home with antibiotics, pain killers and instructions to stay in an Epsom salt bath as much as possible. If that didn’t work he recommended surgery. The pain killers did not touch the pain I was in. So I took more and got very ill from the meds. That night the cyst burst and I was back to normal very fast. No surgery. Phew!
    The doc said I would probably get them all the time and to be prepared. I haven’t, thank God. But over five years later I noticed one all of a sudden. Not infected and no pain whatsoever but getting larger by the day. I did so much research and tried every home remedy I could find. I eventually I burned my skin with tea tree oil and then it started to really hurt the skin only. I wore pads all the time in case it burst. I was constantly applying something to the area. Then one day I read about someone who got relief from changing her diet. I decided to stop wearing liners or pads, stop applying anything to the area, stop taking all enzymes and cell salts, and to eat as clean as humanly possible. Pretty much doing a Paleo diet, no dairy at all. Drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep. Even taking power naps.I am shocked that after about 10 days of this, it is almost gone! receded on its own. No bursting. And, may I add that I remained sexually active as I am in a loving relationship and he was not deterred when I explained what it was.
    I hope this helps someone else. These cysts can be so life-interrupting, painful and embarrassing. Peace to you…

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  17. Hi, I’ve read your post, I also have bartholin cyst, when I consulted one obygynie, she told me to wait few more months coz it’s still a hard lump, it’s been seven months now, it’s still the same, I’ve no abscess it’s just hard that I can feel it when I touch, I really hate to get a minor operation as she told me, I’m hoping there will be another way, like taking medicine that can help,I’m just thinking if this one can help my case as it’s a hard lump.I’ll considered your advice, thank you

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    1. I can’t guarantee it will work, but it shouldn’t hurt or damage anything to try. Ask your OBGYN if a “Goldenseal Extract Poultice” is safe for you based on your medical history. I’ve never heard of it causing problems for anyone but it’s better to ask your Doctor and find out for sure. Good luck to you! I hope this herbal remedy helps you out. Love & Light to you & yours.


  18. I’ve suffered with Bartholin gland cyst/abscesses off and on for two years now. I’ve had it lanced twice (not a fun experience what so ever) My poor husband almost passed out in urgent care while they were lancing it. I’ve been searching and searching for more information and natural at home remedies. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this one. I’m currently trying it right now and praying it works. Thanks for posting your information!

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    1. Thank you for commenting. I sincerely hope this helps you find peace & relief! I’d gone through lancing about 10 times in my life. I don’t wish that type of suffering on anyone. I’m sorry you’ve had to feel that pain! Love & Light to you & yours.


  19. I’m so glad I found this remedy just in time when I was loosing all hope. I’ve had this off and on for three years. I’ve had marsupialization, I’ve endured without surgery also till it popped on it’s own. But this time the pain was just so bad and I was worried I wasn’t gonna find this herb in Ghana. But thankfully I did and it was an instant relief for me. Thank you so much. Goldenseal worked just like magic! You’re my heroine too😊

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