Alfalfa; “Father of All Foods”

Alfalfa; “Father of All Foods”

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History of Alfalfa & How We Came to Understand It’s Benefits for Humans & Animals

Alfalfa has been used as feed for livestock for thousands of years, and to this day you can guarantee to see it in an animal feed store. It’s use as animal feed is assumed to have begun in Southeast Asia. Historically in Arabian culture it was fed to the livestock and various animals because they observed that it made the animals strong and swift. The word itself, alfalfa, means “father of all foods” in its oldest translation. Since this time there have been reports of alfalfa being used for bladder, prostate, and kidney disorders.

There are also suggestions of utilizing the leaves a specific way for dyspepsia, anti-diabetic activity, anti-arthritic activity, and being used as an anti-asthmatic.

Commercially it has recently been used as a source of carotene and chlorophyll in supplements and meal replacement powders.

Alfalfa has been scientifically proven to be rich in vitamins and minerals, Vitamin K, and Iron. Some medical doctors consider alfalfa to be an estrogen precursor.

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The Medical Use of Alfalfa Includes, But Is Not Limited to:

Bell’s Palsy
Blood Disorders
Cholesterol Management
Diabetes & High Blood Sugar Management
Digestive Disorders like Gastritis
Fatigue or Lack of Energy or Drive
Kidney Disorders
Menopausal Symptoms like Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, & Muscle Aches
Cushing’s Disease
Urinary Tract Infections aka UTI

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The saponins and fiber within the Alfalfa plant bind a significant amount of cholesterol in laboratory tests. The saponins from Alfalfa sprouts interacted to a lesser degree than the matured plants. It’s this interaction that allows the plant to significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

Recent studies in France have suggested that alfalfa has the capability to lower tissue damage caused by exposure to radiation.

Alfalfa has the natural ability to neutralize acidity and is anti-bacterial, which is why it is effective for digestive disorders, UTI’s, and ulcers.

It fights fatigue and low energy within the body due to its high levels of Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B, Iron, natural fluoride, and chlorophyll.

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Complimentary Agents for Alfalfa Include, but Is Not Limited to:

Fish Oil
Vitamin A
• Proanthrocyanidin’s
Vitamin C
Uva Ursi

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