Two Watches I Have My Eyes On & I Think You’ll Want Too

01 Samsung Galaxy Watch

US Version with Warranty

01 Samsung Galaxy Watch 201 Samsung Galaxy Watch 301 Samsung Galaxy Watch 1

You don’t think you need this technology on your wrist, but once you have it you realize how convenient it is and don’t want to turn back. The charge on the Samsung Galaxy Watch lasts for multiple days before needing to be plugged back in. It looks like a traditional watch but behaves like a smartwatch. The watch has a built-in health tracking system that will submit information back and forth to your phone or android device. It will automatically let you know when your stress levels are high and are in need of a cool down. The Samsung Galaxy Watch will keep a record of your sleep cycle, reminders to get active, guide you through a meditation, and even help you get control of your breath to lower any high blood pressure readings. This watch can also take a beating! The Galaxy Watch takes on life with military-grade durability, swim-ready water resistance and Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ that prevents the display from getting scratched.*


02 Michael Kors Access Bradshaw

Women’s Smartwatch
Rose Gold-Tone
Stainless Steel

02 Michael Kors Access Rose Gold 102 Michael Kors Access Rose Gold 202 Michael Kors Access Rose Gold 3

If you love Michael Kors purses and leather items you’re going to love this smartwatch. Similar to the google watch except more chic in overall design and style. The face of the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw watch can be personalized to reflect you and your outfit. If you don’t like rose gold it also comes in stainless steel, silver, and gold. This watch will work seamlessly with your other devices and keep track of your emails, texts, and other notifications right to your wrist. It’s entirely functional, not heavy, and will keep track of workouts and sleep schedules. The Michael Kors Access Bradshaw watch will let you know what kind of weather you can expect so that you can prepare for the day ahead. You don’t have to dig into your purse and pull out your phone. The information you need asap is right there on your wrist without the extras you can keep on your phone. Unlike the google watch this can be personalized to match YOUR outfit; red and gold, purple, silver…. and more! The wrist strap can be customized; Michael Kors has you covered so that the Bradshaw Watch will go with ANY outfit and ANY occasion.

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