Crystals & Why I Believe They Work! (with supporting evidence)

I’ve been asked, “what’s the point of having crystals and do you REALLY believe they work?” I do believe they work, but let me explain why. Everything on earth contains within it some form of energy, whether stagnant or ever changing, the energy is there.

The scientific name for the energy contained within crystals is “phonon” or “phonons” if you’re referring to multiple. When energy is being measured in crystals, scientists typically utilize infrared and “Raman spectroscopy” which is a fancy way of measuring vibrations. Energy IS vibration, and ALL things on earth contain within it a measurable vibration, which is energy. Just because you can’t witness the energy with your eyes, doesn’t mean it does not exist. For a more scientific explanation about phonons please visit this article at the UCLA website:

Now we understand that energy DOES exist in a stone or crystal, but then what? This is when I’m typically asked, “But how does citrine improve a negative mindset, and kyanite help you heal, and so on? How does a rock help you heal?” People believe that specific stone crystals can effect specific parts of your life in specific ways. This is harder to explain, but let me attempt it.

Phonons are highly affected by thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. What that means is temperature, heat, cold, and electrical impulses can affect the way the phonons in stone crystals interact with its environment. Phonons themselves ARE small particles of heat.

According to MIT,

“In a crystal, the atoms are neatly arranged in a uniform, repeating structure; when heated, the atoms can oscillate at specific frequencies. The bonds between the individual atoms in a crystal behave essentially like springs, Chen says. When one of the atoms gets pushed or pulled, it sets off a wave (or phonon) traveling through the crystal, just as sitting down on one edge of a trampoline can set off vibrations through the entire surface.”

What that means is when I hold a stone crystal in my hands, my body heat causes the atoms in the stone crystal to oscillate at a frequency unique to that stone crystal. This means it’s radiating a vibration and I am in direct contact with that vibration. This is the root of that saying, “Only Good Vibes!” The VIBES they are referring to is the positive vibrations naturally emitted by NATURE to help us heal, find inner peace, and discover union with our mother earth and our humanity.

This really is the simplest way I can answer the question without taking too much of your time. I sincerely hope this helps anyone curious about crystals out there to give it a try. Go to your neighborhood metaphysical shop and take a peek at their collection of stone crystals for sale. They’re usually relatively cheap, unless you’re planning on purchasing some large piece. I like the small stone crystals I can hold in my hand easy.

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What about you? Do you have a favorite go-to stone crystal? Have you benefitted from them as far as you’ve noticed? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

2 Replies to “Crystals & Why I Believe They Work! (with supporting evidence)”

  1. Crystals seem to me to be physical symmetrically self-organizing systems. Because our biology also self assembles due to atomic forces, I think of them as a sort of pre-life, a manifestation of a universal trend toward consciousness. Beyond our biological need for some minerals, it would not surpise me if there is also an organizational/vibrational reason we may find some healing “energetic wisdom” in them.

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