Betty Boop’s a Great Female Role Model

I’ve developed an obsession with Betty Boop since quarantine started. There is four hours of her cartoons from the 1930s on YouTube. You can watch it here:

Here are some interesting things about Betty Boop that makes her an amazing female icon!

Betty wasn’t afraid to do things guys did. In “Betty Boop’s Ker-Choo” she races a race car, which to this day is still a male-dominated sport. The crowd cheered her on as she arrives in her all white racing uniform. She was sick with a cold and didn’t feel well but still showed up to race.

2022-02-19 Betty Boop 1

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Betty is an inventor with musical ability. In “Betty Boop’s Crazy Inventions” she shows her ability to play and organ and read sheet music. She then goes on to present her invention which is a super mechanical spot remover as well as a voice recorder.

2022-02-19 Betty Boop 2

Betty Boop Fleece Sweater

She has no problem standing up for herself. In “Is My Palm Read” Betty says “Hey! You keep your hands to you!” to a handsy ocean as she lands on an island. Even when things aren’t going her way she has no problem pushing through the struggle. She has true grit!

2022-02-19 Betty Boop 3

Funko Pop! Betty Boop Mermaid 

Betty Boop is an independent unmarried woman in the 1930s. She lives alone with her dog pudgy and typically has to rely on her own self to get out of sticky situations.

Why do you love Betty Boop?

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