About Wanderlust & Smoke

I am a Buddhist Filipina that has been studying various world religions since I was a child. I’m extremely fascinated by all sorts of topics but I am extremely interested in mysticism, meditation, chakra balancing, chi enhancing, omnism, and the list could just go on forever… If you are interested in the same sort of topics I trust you will feel right at home here.

My income mostly comes from freelance writing projects. Many of the articles and meme’s posted here are projects for potential clients to observe my varying writing styles. This journal is a collection of fluctuating topics and ideas that I find interesting. I won’t focus on one idea throughout this blog, but you will see that the majority of the subjects will be related to travel, exploration and religious study.

I’m on a journey that is not near it’s end. My interest in religion started as a child when I attended Christian School. I was a severely disobedient child that didn’t feel comfort conforming to the ways of everyone around me. Eventually, after many negative incidents my father and mother decided to put me in public school.

Public school opened my eyes larger than the Christian School did. I came to realize I wasn’t the only person in the world that didn’t feel a personal connection to Christianity. I experimented since that moment of realization with many different faiths. I spent years as a pagan, a Kemetic pagan devout to God Djehuti, and then reverted to a different pantheon and focused on Bacchus/Dionysus. (Did you know “Denise” means devout follower of Dionysus? LOL You might as well call me a maenad! 🙂

The older I get the more comfort I find in Buddhism. I am extremely intrigued by Hinduism, Muslim, and other faiths despite my affinity for Buddha. Please don’t misunderstand though… as I’ve learned and grown in all these faiths I have come to understand that Jesus Christ was a wonderful and amazing person. He changed the world with his lessons on peace, forgiveness, and love. I wish more Christians were more like Christ… but, I’ve come to appreciate the Bible for it’s own wisdom at times. As I learn things I love to share them. So as I evolve on my journey I hope you enjoy the information I find as much as I do.

Love & Light to you all.









5 Replies to “About Wanderlust & Smoke”

  1. I am coping with coronavirus quarantine by roaming various blogs and leaving comments as I feel inspired. Not to be negative (well okay, maybe a little!) but it seems to me that Christianity and Islam are religions of the conquered, in order to keep them pliant and controllable. Look at the leaders of Christian and Islamic nations: They spout religious doctrine while practicing cruel and inhumane power games. Yes, Filipinos have managed to integrate ancient animist traditions into the the false foreign-imposed beliefs, thus losing most of their natural powers.


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