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When you and your bestie see THAT person walk in the room... hahaha ugh we cannot always control what our faces do. #AuNatural #Bitchface haha

Romwe Pre-Black Friday Sale



ROMWE is celebrating Black Friday early!

Because I’m a Romwe Affiliate I get the opportunity to roll out some early savings! I’m posting these as soon as I received the email. I love shopping Romwe because everything is affordable, great quality, and it arrives so fast! The clothes are trendy and cute. They’re perfect for growing teenagers; save cash on outfits you know they’ll outgrow quickly. They’re also are great for individuals who have a clearly defined fashion sense. Have fun shopping my fellow fashionista’s!

If your order is $69 use the code RMK5 and you’ll get $5 OFF. The clothes are so affordable already that this is an awesome deal!

Pre Black Friday Offers – $5 Off Orders of $69 at with code: RMK5. Offer expires Monday, November 19, 2018!

Moving forward… if you spend $119 and use the code RMK10 Romwe will give you $10 OFF!…

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How to Explain Why You Were Fired During An Interview

When someone asks you why you were fired from Company X, how do you respond? Here’s some very simple tips to help you tackle this seemingly-difficult question.

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1. Don’t beat yourself up; not every employer is a perfect match. If you walk in with a lack of self-esteem because of being fired it’s hard for the interviewer to see the best in you. Don’t let it bruise your confidence and overshadow your strengths. Come to terms with your emotions before the day of the interview.

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, 25th Anniversary Edition

2. Be honest, to the point, and humble. Practice your response so you have already decided what you’ll say. If you stumble over words it will look like you’re withholding information, even if you aren’t.

3. Share what happened with hesitating and utilize facts only. Stay away from motional, feelings, perceptions, & opinions. Keep it short and to the point.

Interview Like A Boss: The most talked about book in corporate America.

4. Emphasize what you learned from being let go…

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ESSENTIAL INTERVIEW GUIDE: 10+ Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Interview

Essential Interview Prep Guide and Resume Writing Service

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Having a smooth running interview requires much more than a decent polo top and some interest. If you truly want to land that job, impressing your interviewer will require preparing by doing some research, thinking about your outfit, and keeping your mind in order.


7 Step Interview Readiness Method


  • Ask when scheduling your interview, what FORMAT the interview will be; skype, one-on-one, group, etcetera… Knowing the atmosphere of the interview will help you better prepare for what you’re walking into. If it’s a skype interview, prepare your area so it looks nice behind you, group interviews will require some extra researching so you can separate yourself from the competition. One on one interviews at pretty standard and are typically how most companies conduct interviews.
  • Look into background information about the company.This will make you stand out from other applicants or interviewers because it shows you…

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