2018 JUN 27TH – Buck Moon; Capricorn Full Moon

2018 JUN 27TH Full Moon The whirlwind of astrological transitions in late June is creating an fast fluctuation between moods and emotional feelings.


Yoga, Meditation and Healing

The Science and Spirituality of Meditation - a documentary that offers perspective on how meditation affects the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of the human body. The documentary was filmed over a five year period where they traveled and interviewed many different people of different standing and experiences to understand their relationship and ideas on meditation. …

Five Tibetan Rites

The Five Tibetan Rites were written about in 1939 by Peter Kelderin a publication he wrote called The Eye of Revelation. He states that the movements are over 2,500 years old and is a form of Tibetan Yoga. It didn't originate in India apparently but is quite similar in many ways. The most common similarity …