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Eliminate dead skin, inflammation, depression, and treat pain, tension, nerves, or respiratory problems in an all natural way.


The Effect of Anger on Your Overall Health & How to Work On It

This article is dedicated to my sister Diana, who was one of the first people to explain to me that forgiveness was FOR ME and NOT the person or situation I'm forgiving. It's a lesson that has brought me understanding and the chance to create well rounded perspective's of the world. I love you sis! …

D.I.D. Autobiography

The book discusses my therapy sessions and experiences outside of therapy in great detail. This outline also allows me to explain my life and why I developed the identity disorder I have. My goal is maybe through this purging process I can hopefully integrate.

Disassociative Identity Disorder Intro

  It used to be called multiple personality disorder. As time went on they learned that the patients suffering from Disassociative Identity Disorder (AKA: D.I.D.) didn't actually have multiple personalities they had a fractured self also known as disassociation. The goal of D.I.D. patients when visiting a therapist is to hopefully "integrate" the personalities so …